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Sport VL handles more than 105 suppliers in North America, $1.5 million worth of items in inventory, and 30,000 active products. We have something to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

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At Sport VL, we're committed to giving you the best possible customer experience with prices and service, before and after your purchase, that outweigh the competition.

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Sport VL has always had the future of motor sport at heart. From competitions to non-profit organizations, we're proud to contribute to the development of the motorcycle, snowmobile and ATV lifestyles.

The Sport VL adventure

The adventure of Sport VL began in 1996, when Gilles Bouchard acquired La Baie pièces motoneiges, a business dedicated to snowmobiling on Bagot Street in Ville de La Baie. Faced with ever-increasing demand and in order to more effectively serve snowmobile enthusiasts, Gilles Bouchard opens a second branch in Jonquière in 1999, named Jonquière Pièces motoneiges.

In 2000, the offer expands to include products related to summer sports, such as motorbikes and ATVs, which are growing in popularity on marked trails.

Four years later, a third branch opens in Chicoutimi, in Saguenay, and quickly becomes well-established among the many businesses in the region.

To unite the three branches, the company takes its current name, Sport VL, which better represents our mission: the sale of parts, accessories and clothing for all recreational vehicles including marine products and unmanned vehicles.

2011 sees the opening of a 4th branch in Chicoutimi-nord, which will merge in November 2015 with our first Chicoutimi store. The Chicoutimi branch gets a makeover to consolidate its positioning in the city: the floor area is doubled to allow us to offer more complete service and also to include a department of remote-controlled vehicles. In the same spirit as in our Jonquiere store, we pride ourselve on always giving you better service.

Covering a large part of the beautiful Saguenay region and with great purchasing power, today we're proud to provide you with a vast range of parts, clothing and accessories at a competitive price, that always comes with the most professional service.

En 2011, on célébrait l'ouverture d'une 4e succursale à Chicoutimi-nord. Celle-ci fût fusionné avec le magasin de chicoutimi en novembre 2015.

Novembre 2015, la succursale de chicoutimi fait peau neuve afin de consolider son positionnement dans cette ville. En effet, on double la superficie de plancher nous permettant ainsi d'offrir un service plus complet. Ce qui nous permettra d'inclure un département de véhicules téléguidés avec le même esprit que celui de jonquiere, toujours vous donner un meilleur service.

Couvrant une grande partie de ce merveilleux territoire qu’est le Saguenay et avec un grand pouvoir d’achat, il est maintenant possible de vous fournir un immense éventail de pièces , de vêtements et d’accessoires à un prix concurrentiel, et ce, avec le plus professionnel des services.